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Are you looking for a charming addition to your bedroom? Our solid mango wood bedside tables offer the perfect combo of style and functionality. Crafted with quality in mind, these bedside tables are both durable and gorgeous. 

Choose from a variety of styles, including open bedside tables, floating bedside tables, curved bedside tables and circle bedside tables, to suit your decor preferences. Our wall-mounted bedside tables are perfect for maximizing space in smaller rooms, while our curved bedside tables add a touch of elegance to any setting. Complete with rattan shelves or woven accents, our bedside tables offer convenient storage solutions for your nighttime essentials.

Enjoy the mango wood's distinctive beauty and get free delivery to the UK and free shipping to Germany for selected items. Get hassle-free DDP shipping throughout Europe.  

Your bedroom will never look better! 

woven bedside table, storage stool and boucle footstool

Woven Bedside Tables

Bring the cosy vibes to your bedroom with our fabulous solid mango wood rattan and woven bedside tables.

These little jewels give a warm touch to your room while seamlessly combining design and utility. Our handmade woven bedside tables are the ideal companion to your cosy evenings.