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Bring in the Sunshine - How to Decorate with Yellow Successfully

Bold, bright, calm or warm - choose the perfect yellow to lighten up your space


emerald green bedroom and bed with yellow, green and soft grey cushions and green and yellow flower painting, yellow accessories

Uplifting and joyful, yellow is a dynamic and versatile colour in design, carrying various meanings and associations. A wide range of sentiments can be achieved using yellow tones, from fun, energetic, and warm to calm and classic

Here's why the colour yellow holds significance in design:

  • Positivity and Happiness: Yellow is frequently connected to happiness and positivity. It can add a feeling of cosiness, hope, and positivity to a design, which makes it a great option for rooms that you want to make feel happy.

  • Energy and Attraction: Yellow is a high-energy colour that attracts attention quickly. It's a great option for accents and highlights since it can be selectively employed to bring attention to particular components in a design.

  • Innovation and Creativity: Yellow is associated with these two concepts. It's a fantastic colour for spaces that promote brainstorming and creative thinking since it can pique curiosity and inspire creative ideas.

  • Warmth and Comfort: As a warm colour, yellow can create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. In home decor, using yellow accents or main elements can make a space feel welcoming and comfortable.

When incorporating yellow into your design, consider the room characteristics and the emotions you want to evoke. Yellow can be an effective colour choice for home décor when it comes to expressing certain emotions and ideas.

What Colours Go Well with Yellow

Yellow is such a cheerful choice! It pairs brilliantly with neutral tones like grey or white for a fresh and clean look. For a bold vibe, team it up with navy blue or deep teal. Feeling adventurous? A splash of mint or coral can provide some fun.

Here are some pairings that make the dream team:


Classic Neutrals

Combine yellow's timeless elegance with neutral hues like beige, white, or grey. It gives off the feeling of refinement and cleanliness.


white, grey and mustard yellow bedroom

Navy Blue Sophistication

When yellow and navy blue are combined, your room will have a refined, nautical feel. It's a classic and fashionable combination.

navy blue paneled living room with bright yellow sofa

Coral Creativity 

For a lively and energetic look, team yellow up with coral. This combination adds a playful and vibrant touch to any room.