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Decorating with Grey - The Neutral with a Twist that Looks Fabulous

light grey living room with burnt orange accessories, dark green sofa and light wood furniture

Grey is a highly versatile colour for interior design that goes well with pretty much any hue. It can arouse feelings of balance and refinement and is neutral. You may go all-grey for a sleek, contemporary design, or use it as a backdrop to bring out other colours. Plus, it's timeless!

Granted that the colour grey is frequently linked to a tranquil, cold atmosphere, an all-grey interior design could be viewed as a little outdated. One colour used excessively might become boring, to keep things fresh, consider adding pops of warmer tones like blush, gold, or even some natural textures. It'll add depth and warmth to your space, making it more inviting.

Familiarise yourself with the wide array of grey tones so you can choose a complementary colour that matches the grey you choose. Grey can go from calm to bold pretty quickly so be sure to explore what tones would suit your room, keeping in mind size, light conditions and what vibe you want to achieve.

How to Use Grey in Your Home

dark grey bedroom with gold accessories

Grey is a fantastic choice for home interiors. Here are a few brief suggestions:

Accentuate with Colours

For a dynamic vibe, combine grey with bright accent colours like mustard, turquoise, or coral.

dark grey paneled living room with coral sofa and green sideboard

Texture Play

Use a variety of textures to create depth. Consider lush rugs, chic metallics, or soft knit throws.

cosy neutral and grey living room with plush cushions, throws and lit candles and fireplace
Source | ArtFacade

Statement Furniture

Start with a grey sofa or accent chair as your focal point and work your way outward using complementary colours.

grey modern living room with dark grey statement sofa and blush cushions, accessories and throw
Source | ArtFacade